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Raise awareness for this important keystone species by adopting a resolution proclaiming April 10th as Gopher Tortoise Day in your community. Contact your government representatives today to gain the support needed to adopt a resolution and show appreciation for these gentle reptiles. The sample resolution below will help to facilitate the process, and can be customized to meet the needs of your local government. The resolution is not limited to local governments. Schools, universities, nature centers, zoos, and other entities are invited to adopt a resolution as well.  Share your resolution with your community by creating a press release, social media post, and/or hosting a Gopher Tortoise Day event. Please make sure to share your resolution adoption with FWC by sending us an email.

Sample Resolution

To request a Microsoft Word version of the sample resolution, or to request a FWC representative at your resolution signing, contact the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Program at