Host an Event

Your event can be as small or as large as you want. Any way you celebrate is great! Here are some ideas that can be easily implemented in your city or neighborhood. Also below are gopher tortoise-related activities you can implement at your event.

We would love to hear about your events and receive some photos on how you celebrated Gopher Tortoise Day. Visit to share or send us an email.

Event table

Organize a volunteer day at a nearby park

Gopher tortoises rely on open sunny habitat for foraging, basking and digging burrows. Volunteers can help improve potential habitat for gopher tortoises at local parks by cutting tall vegetation and killing invasive exotic plant species. Working with park staff, you may also be able to help plant native gopher tortoise forage plants using A Florida Guide to Gopher Tortoise Friendly Plants, or conduct a burrow survey and create a map. The park ranger/naturalist may also provide a program with information on gopher tortoises and their habitats to the group/visitors!

Attend or organize a wildlife appreciation festival 

You can attend or host your own wildlife or environmental-themed festival and highlight the gopher tortoise by hosting on-site activities, setting up a booth/table and distributing brochures and information, and having a local expert give a presentation on gopher tortoises.

Organize activities for kids at school or a summer camp

Kids will have a blast doing these hands-on activities that can be easily implemented using the materials below. You can add any one of these activities to an event or volunteer day, or just for fun at any time!

Interactive Burrow

Help make your neighborhood a Tortoise-wise Community

Landscape your yard or neighborhood using gopher tortoise friendly plants. With the appropriate permissions, install road signs where gopher tortoises are known to occur or where they may frequently cross roads. Find out other ways you can be Tortoise-wise by visiting

Become a citizen scientist!

Download the “Florida Gopher Tortoise” smartphone application (app) to record the location of gopher tortoises you may see in your yard, neighborhood, or crossing the road. This information will help FWC biologists better understand where populations of gopher tortoises live. You can also view the interactive map to see where gopher tortoise live near you!

Sample Activities

Hands-on activities

Build a Burrow instruction guide

Gopher Tortoise Field Trip Guide

Coloring Pages

Gopher Tortoise Presentations (with script)


The Gopher Tortoise, by Zander Srodes. This children’s activity book, reprinted by FWC in February 2009, is an educational activity book that introduces the life history and ecological significance of the gopher tortoise to young audiences.

Gopher Tracks, by Susan Jane Ryan. This 62-page book is most appropriate for fourth-graders and up. The book introduces gopher tortoise ecology, the role of fire in upland habitats, and the importance of environmental stewardship through the adventures of two girls, Tamika and Diana.