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A guide to living with gopher tortoises

A guide to living with gopher tortoises contains information on the importance of gopher tortoise in Florida and what to do if you encounter one.
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Road Safety

Gopher tortoises and road safety

Gopher tortoises and road safety brochure, how to order crossing sign, and reporting road mortality.

Before you build

Before you build  contains information about what landowners should know about gopher tortoises before breaking ground on construction activities.

A Landowner’s Guide

A Landowner’s Guide: Managing habitat for gopher tortoises contains information and resources for managing gopher tortoise habitat.

Urban areas

Gopher tortoises in urban areas (color ) (black and white )

Waif Gopher Tortoises

Waif Gopher Tortoises

Gopher tortoise commensals

Learn about important gopher tortoise commensals

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rehabilitation (color) (black and white )

Coloring Book

Gopher tortoise coloring book including images of a burrow, a gopher frog and a snake too!

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